Thoughts on GOD...

Butterfly has been talking a lot about GOD lately. This morning I asked her who God was.  She responded...
"God is um, she makes our hearts feel better and lives in it".

The other day she wanted to do Japa meditation along with Adrian and I.  She asked why we were doing it (repeating the sound 'Ahhhhh').  I explained it helps us connect with Spirit.   We can focus on feelings of peace and gratefulness or manifest something we'd like to attract.  When we did it again she declared she'd like to manifest a yellow (Belle) Beauty dress and closed her eyes in deep concentration sitting like a precious Buddha.  

That night, before bed while saying our blessing/gratitude prayers, Butterfly realized "the god" forgot to bring her the Belle Beauty dress.  I explained that sometimes we have to have patience in Divine timing.  She said, "But I can't see the god, I can't see her flying all around with her beautiful wings."  (Just love my magical girls interpretation.)  I told her GOD lives everywhere in the air, trees, the water, our dogs, and even in her heart.  She got a whimsical look on her dramatic little face and sighed while touching her heart.  Then she replied, "I love her the God, and if God doesn't bring me the dress, Mita will!"  (Mamita is her Grandma who just spoiled her rotten on our vacation in Florida.  I tried not to burst out laughing while kissing Butterfly goodnight.  What can one say to that type of optimism and faith?)

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