Toddler Sense

What to do when you're toddler doesn't want to eat the healthy snacks you provide?  'And SNAP, the jobs a game.'

My toddler asks for CHOCOLATE all the time.  I have no idea where she got this passion (guilty).  Lately when I offer her carrots and such she say's, "No thank you but I'll take some chocolate".  I feel like I'm a deal maker.  "Eat your carrots and you can have a piece of chocolate."

Today we had fun doing the old preschool activity of learning about our senses.  I placed all sorts of items on a tray (and of course snuck tons of veggies in the mix).  She was blindfolded and had to use her sense of touch, smell and taste to guess what the item was.  She described if it was cold or hot; salty, sweet or sour, etc.  I got the biggest smiles when she discovered what she was eating and exclaimed, "It's a carrot, mmm, crunchy and sweet."  I put vinegar in a dish too just for it's strong aroma.  It was fun playing scientist and a fun twist to learn and eat healthy.  Mission accomplished!

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  1. Love it! What an excellent way to sneak in the good stuff. I used to do that with my brothers, more to gross each other out. I think we may have even done some form of it in HS?