Mom and Dad's Surprise GIFT

A package came in the mail for Butterfly from my parents.  We can't wait for their Winter visit in December.   My folks are driving their RV across country and staying here for 3 months!!!  YIPPIE!!!  Audrey was soooo excited to get a new princess bathing suit and magic coloring book from them.  There was also a BIG surprise.... a card with Butterfly's entire annual tuition for preschool.  I teared up from their generous gift and reading the thoughtful card.  My Mom recalled sewing me special outfits for my first year of nursery school.  I so appreciate her choice in sending me to a co-op and all her involvement with our growing up.  I remember those beautiful handmade dresses she took pride and effort in creating.  I also remember both parents at my nursery school.  I was proud to show my Dad I could hammer a nail in the wooden toy set and of course my Mom was extremely involved making me feel safe to explore and develop social friendships.  My experience influenced our decision to send Butterfly to a co-op preschool.  We can offer the same security of gaining independence at her own pace while knowing we're close.  Butterfly asked why I was crying.   I told her Grandma and Grandpa care so much about her they sent her money for her to go to school.  She said, "Whoa, that's a lot of money!"  

Another funny bedtime story... 
We go to a UNITY church where they have a children's play "school".  Miss Kathy is the "teacher".  Butterfly adores Miss Kathy.  While trying to get Butterfly settled in her bed, she asked if she could go to Miss Kathy's 'tomorrow?'.  I explained that we would go on Sunday.  After reflecting on this for a while she asked, "Did Grandma and Grandpa send them the money?"  I laughed and said church "school" was taken care of.  She said, "Okay, I can go."  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD for such a generous and meaningful gift!

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