A story on Compassion

Today I reconsolidated the arrangement of remaining living flowers Adrian gave me for our anniversary.  As I was nonchalantly throwing away the wilted ones from the bunch, Butterfly girl ran to the garbage and became very sad.  She asked why we were just throwing them out and made little voices for each one commentating what they'd say in her vivid imagination.  I explained that they had to go back to the ground to make new flowers.  It caught me off guard to see her reverence as I was reminded they were once living.   Her simple act of compassion only a child could possibly grasp reminded me of my own childhood connection with nature.  It is lovely when our children are able to teach us and make us more conscious.



Someone got into Mommy's lipstick...



Goodnight Jen

The view outside Butterfly's window while talking to my little Sis about secrets.  :)  giggle

Tutorial: Homemade Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

This recipe yields about 6-8 tall glasses poured over ice.  
Bring 3/4 c Sugar and 3/4 c water to rolling boil to make syrup.

Squeeze 4 Lemons to extract fresh juice.

After squeezing lemons, throw them in pot with 1 c water, bring to boil

Pour lemon water into syrup and mix with 2-3 c more ice cold water & mix well.

Pour over ice and enjoy

Add a scoop of Rasberry Frozen Yogurt to make homemade pink lemonade.

The most fabulous part of this recipe is you can creatively alter depending on mood.  To change flavor add additional lemons or squeeze limes, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, peach, pour some cranberry juice, you get the idea.


Happy Big Day!

Happy Birthday Aunt Jamie!!!

How appropriate that Butterfly's first day of preschool happens to fall on my Sister Jamie's Birthday!    Jamie is a passionate Teacher on the East coast.  She encourages Butterfly and I with teaching inspiration.  She also has given us many educational and enriching gifts.  So, in honor of Aunt Jamie, here is our first school day story...

I am up until the wee hours of the morning, processing my emotions.  My attitude is conscious as I direct my thoughts to positive and away from completely freaking out.  I love change but whoa, this is my kid.  I am not in control.  I am learning how to let go in baby steps and trust other parents and adults with my child!  Breathe.  I stay up late re-reading the bazillion page manual including philosophy and necessary paperwork.  Our bag is packed, outfit ready, earthquake supplies packed, etc.

Butterfly preschooler!

This morning, we sing our 'Good Morning Song'.  Butterfly is smiling and cheering, "Today I get to go to school".  We wait in line outside school and Butterfly is immediately friendly with the other children.  When it's morning circle time, all the parents are supposed to sit behind their child to sing songs and send them off with a kiss.  Adrian and I would have loved that opportunity if Butterfly didn't race across the room away from us so she could sit right beside her Teacher!  She held another little girls hand and was just beaming.  Adrian and I held each other!  Before we knew it, she was proudly waving bye and off with the other kids.  Adrian and I were at a loss of what to do.  I think I ran out of school trying to fight back tears and he chased me saying we could hang out, go for a walk and spy.  Ha!  We flocked to a table outdoors where other newbie parents were experiencing the same feelings.  None of our children cried or ran back to us and we were all not sure how to handle that.  Of course we were grateful they all felt so safe and excited.  
Waiting for the doors to open.

Our BRAVE girl diving right in!

The lookout spy tree, just to be sure.

Dad's just walking the property cause it's a nice day

Emotional Mama Transition

We finally left to get our TB test so we can volunteer.  Then went home, called my BFF to cope.  Arrived at school almost an hour early and walked around park, okay spied a little.  We saw our little girl  confidently playing and felt such joy and gratitude.  We gave her flowers and a chocolate donut with sprinkles and she took a 2 hour nap when we came home!

Then.... I got a call that our highly anticipated nephew was born today!  He is healthy and adorable!  He is on the East coast so we'll have to wait to see him.   Happy Birthday to you Baby and little Sister Jamie!  Congratulations to Butterfly for being an independent leader at her first day of school.  What a BIG, HAPPY day!

Happy Birthday Nephew!!!