Homemade Creamy Lemon Chicken Soup

Holy Yummers!  Just made a homemade soup improvising the recipe as I went along.... turned out DELICIOUS.   Adrian (Mr. Picky) loved it!  We'll be making this one again and again!!!  

Cream of Lemon Chix Soup:

In large soup pot, saute (on lowest setting) cut up pieces of chix breast in Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, O. Sesame oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil.

Throw in small cut up pieces of garlic (used about half but can use the whole thing easily.)

Throw in chopped white onion.

Stir and when chix starts to turn white add water.

Other random stuff to put in...

Pureed a can of pink beans in blender (shhh)
Frozen green peas (next time will puree them too)
Left over roasted red potatoes 
A packet of chix noodle soup
3 lg. chopped carrots
zest of 2 lemons and squeezed all it's juice.
4 generous glasses of Chardonnay
about 1 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

seasoned with tons of dill, italian seasonings, old bay seasoning, lemon pepper, adobo, 3 packets of sazon (orange by goya spanish seasoning), pinch of sea salt and a bay leaf

Made garlic rolls to go with but tomorrow we'll have it again and I'll make cornbread. (Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free cornbread mix).  A fresh salad is a light addition to this meal since the soup is filling.   Hey, corn would be another great thing to throw in soup next time or whatever the heck you're in the mood for.  This could easily be modified to vegetarian.  The wine, cream, lemon combo is what made it.  

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  1. Um, get over here now and make us some, along with your famous chocolate chip cookies (Pete requested them!)