48 Hour Update!

I posted an entry a few days ago about Butterfly doing Japa meditation.  She concentrated on manifesting a YELLOW SLEEPING BEAUTY DRESS.  We were shopping exactly 48 hours later with our friend whom we call 'Nana Joan'.  As we walked into the Disney store Butterfly exclaimed, "Mom, there's the dress I wished for".  I told her maybe she would get it for Christmas but we were there to get a gift for her friend.  Low and behold, Nana Joan purchased this gorgeous dress (a little big so she can grow into) and surprised Butterfly!!!  Thank you for being such a great family friend Nana!  We love you and you always do so much for everyone, including us!  Butterfly said, "See Mommy, dreams do come true."  I guess she is right!  

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  1. That is great! Butterfly looks beautiful in her princess gown!