Spiritual Reflections

Have you ever felt frustrated about bills or wanting something and stressed over how to attract it into your life?  We've all thought I'd be truly happy if I had (fill in the blank).  We wish we'd win the lottery or get a raise or even a job.  Sometimes we pray or do good things in hopes that we'll be recognized and rewarded.  God, the Source, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Earth, the Light, the Way, Universe, whatever Higher Power we believe in or choose to call the energy already knows what we've been asking for and still we ask over and over and over again.  It gets to a point where it's a broken record going off in our brains always there reminding us we are smaller than what we'd like.  It reinforces the message we are not enough.  But we are...

My own spiritual life is like the tides ebb and flow.  I'm really conscious at times and get caught up with life in others.  All great relationships take work to achieve trust.  I've personally been studying Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and other spiritual leaders for many years.  I find great inspiration with their words and often feel almost high like I get it and then... WHAM, I am tested and fall flat on my bootie.  Life is all about lessons and getting back on the saddle is an important virtue.  

I was blessed to have an extremely positive and healthy upbringing with two happy parents and 3 siblings in a home filled with love.  However, we each interpret our experiences uniquely and I often find myself in spiritual work going back and changing my perspective about things my immature mind created.  Meditation has taught me to train myself to witness my thoughts without so much judgement and allow them to pass peacefully without attachment.  PaaaLease, I would still like a brand new huge home with tons of land, a new car and an Academy Award winning acting career but training myself to be present and open allows me to be conscious of my current blessings with less pressure on a time frame of manifestation.  

Here is a quote from Charles Fillmore an author on Prosperity...

"Whoever you are and whatever your immediate need, you can demonstrate the law.  If your thoughts are confused, become still and know.  Be still and know that you are one with the substance and with the law of its manifestation.  Say it with conviction:  I am strong, immovable Spirit substance.

This will open the door of your mind to an inflow of substance-filled ideas.  As they come, use them freely.  Do not hesitate or doubt that they will bring results.  They are God's ideas given to you in answer to your prayer and in order to supply your needs.  They are substance, intelligent, loving eager to manifest themselves to meet your need."

Two weeks ago at my church there was a powerful speaker who's message was Getting in the Flow of the Infinite.  She used some unique examples to demonstrate money.  She told us God already knows what we want and if we keep wishing and hoping it will come we keep telling the Source we're waiting, and that is what we get... more waiting, etc.   She suggested rather to get into the flow of connecting and feeling and sensing God power all around us in the moment instead and we'd be rewarded with manifestations recognized.  We already know this from Wayne and Louise, etc. but the way she delivered the message seemed to hit home.  

Our weekly affirmation was "I think the kind of thoughts and feel the kind of feelings that manifest greater good, prosperity, and abundance in my life." and also... "Divine Love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive."

***(Saying a bunch of positive affirmations without intention and plugging in is not very effective.  When you say an affirmation, the feeling must be aligned with connection to your own Soul and God energy.)

She told us our wishes, hopes and dreams have been heard and they are kind of like in a bank account for us to tap into once we get into the flow.  She told us to stop narrow thinking about God and money as to where it would come from, etc. and open up.

Here is a song we sang...

I'm ready, willing and worthy
To open my heart and receive,
All the heavenly blessings,
There for me when I believe.

I'm ready, willing and worthy,
And that's all I have to be.
Cause when I'm ready, willing and worthy
God is able to bless me

This months study group (which I couldn't join due to Adrian working and not wanting to leave Butterfly) was from our book-of-the-month club called Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth.  

Sometimes we get so much information on all this spiritual stuff that it feels overwhelming.  Going back to basics can help to remember to keep it simple.

Here is a challenge for you today:  find things in each moment to really connect, pause and bless.  If your child makes you laugh, let yourself go and completely laugh.  When you hold your child, try to explain what the feeling is like to yourself.  Ask your babe if he/she feels it too?  Breath your child in, what does he or she smell like?  How does this smell make you feel?  Sing your children a song about Mommy and their love.  If you see a pretty plant, stare deeply at it and connect with it's energy.  When your friend or significant other is talking, really look deeply in their eyes and listen.  Get overwhelmed with good feelings.  Open yourself up to being present today even if it means you won't accomplish something you thought you had to do.  Make an effort a few times throughout the day to stop and check in with yourself.  A few deep breaths.  If you feel stuck, ask where it is coming from and excavate through your experiences so you can let the thoughts just pass through and heal.  Or maybe you will see the lesson of old pain and why you're stuck will be revealed and enlightened from your present maturity.  And remember, you are enough, you are worth it and you are VERY loved.  You will create special moments that help you to discover who you really are and that we are all truly ONE beating heart with many different tones coming together to make music in our Universe.  May you open yourself up to receive the prosperity abundance, loving relationships, health, and dreams to align yourself with your Highest Purpose.  Blessings and Namaste! 

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