Grateful Saturday...

How lucky I am!!!  Today the sun is shining, skies are blue, breeze is gorgeous... AHHH, OHM, thank you, THANK YOU!  It was a busy week of non-stop action and little relaxation.  I try to make time for meditation each night before bed.  As a busy Mom, I need to check in to find out where I am so I don't go crazy from the multi-tasking madness.  I need to acknowledge my blessings and sort my thoughts.  I have to clear the space in my head and allow thoughts to flow through without attachment.  Somewhere in this stillness I find out where I am, in the present, connected.  Reflection and Manifestation seem to be where my mind prefers to journey.  I remind myself to be present in the moment and move out of the busy pace of thoughts.

Yesterday morning I received breakfast in bed for the first time and I'm still smiling.  Butterfly girl likes to get out of her toddler bed and join us in ours early in the morning.  She usually snuggles up and falls back asleep.  Yesterday I opened my eyes to see a HUGE smile and bright eyes.  She proudly brought me breakfast in bed (a huge cookie) and asked if I would like to play with her.  A little earlier than I prefer to get up but I was so excited to join the ranks of Mother's before me whom also received this special privilege.

 In this moment I am grateful for: my sweet Butterfly girl (how did I get so lucky to be her Mama?), my ROMANTIC and devoted husband, the rich German Chocolate Cake my neighbor brought me, my adorable doggies, my strong siblings, youthful parents, the inspiration and support from my girlfriends, perfect weather, the work I am able to be involved in, the healthy baby my Friend/Sister-in-law is carrying, Saturday's, creativity, giggles, hope and the name I get to respond to... Mom.

Today is Saturday, a day of reconnection and balance.  Today it is okay to play, clean, exercise, create, laugh, dance, sing, cook, answer emails and voicemail if I'm in the mood, work, try something new and relax.  Today is my favorite day of the week, no errands to run or business to rush.  The spirit and energy around on Saturday is fun.  THANK YOU!


  1. Wow, I love this....I am going to be mindful of gratitudes in my life.
    Thank you Mama!

  2. Hi and happy Saturday!
    It's reveal day:

    ;) Danielle