Renaissance Fair

This weekend we went to a Renaissance Fair at a local Waldorf school we're considering.  It was a beautiful day and our little girl loved doing the painting crafts.  We ate delicious, healthy food homemade by Waldorf parents.  I had a Tarot reading.  They even had a cute elderly woman spinning wool!  I LOVE the art of transforming one thing to another.  Someday I'd love to learn to spin my own wool!  Heck if we're putting it out there I'd love to raise the sheep or llama it came from too.  Butterfly girl won a cool prize (magic fairy) from a game she played.  It was intimate and uncrowded; mostly people who attended the school.  The teachers and many of the kids wore costumes.  I bought some adorable angel candles made of beeswax for Butterfly girl and a friend's little guy.  Check out this cool post about beeswax and Waldorf! http://autumnwindcreation.blogspot.com/2010/05/rhythm.html.

Butterfly Girl making a 'treasure box' for Grandpa's upcoming birthday.

Here she's painting a wooden fish for her other Grandpa's Father's day gift.

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  1. Wow! This looks like such fun! We are jealous that we can't do things like this where we live!
    Awesome spinning wheel and Butterfly looks so happy there!
    We heart Waldorf. Love your new banner!