Beach Blessings...

We were so lucky to spend a day with our close friends.  We've known Michael and Isabelle almost since we moved to California.  They have been like family to us.  Our dogs introduced us in the park one afternoon and instantly we found many things in common.  We each have a spoiled Labrador Retriever; Adrian and Michael grew up from the same small town in Florida;  we've all lived in NY; Michael, Adrian and I are all in the entertainment industry; Michael and I each have a sibling in Music and both live in Nashville; we were married around the same time and even went through pregnancy together.  Our kids were born just five days apart!!!  The list goes on an on.  Usually we alternate holidays and one family travels while the other dog sits.  We love getting together for good food (they are amazing cooks), good wine (Isabelle is from France) and lots of laughs.  We love Michael, Isabelle and (to protect the privacy of his real name)  'Lil Bear'.  Thank you for sharing such a peaceful day together at the beach!

 Adrian was working this day which is why he is absent from the pics.  I'm thinking I should rename my blog to The Paparazzi Mom!

“When you are sitting in meditation, watch carefully to know when your consciousness starts to move.  Consciousness is always moving and flowing.  According to its coming and going, we must all be aware of it.  Use the wisdom of a diamond to control and rule it, since just like a plant, there is nothing to know.  To know there is nothing to know is the wisdom to know everything.  This is the Dharma-gate of One Form of a Bodhisattva.”  - from thedailyzen.com

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  1. Love these pics! I so wish we were ocean people :( We went to the lake today and it smelled horrid blech!