Delicious Hair/Skin

My fabulous hair stylist just chopped my hair, extremely short pixie cut. He recommended using Honey instead of hair gel or traditional products to keep moisture in! I looked up the properties of honey on the Internet and was inspired to concoct my own natural recipes. Here are some delicious/nutritious ideas to pamper yourself made with real food...

Hair Deep Conditioning Mask/Facial Mask: honey, olive oil, few drops vanilla, mayonnaise, avocado, yogurt, egg yolk, beer

You can add as many or few as your senses desire. Just did a Rosemary steam on my face. I'm wearing a honey/olive oil, vanilla face mask as I write this and it feels lovely. Ahhh, now for some tea.

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  1. I love when you share your good beauty recipes!
    Check out my latest post and tell me what you think of my new hat?
    A care package for Butterfly is in the works!