Healthy Food Nature's Path

For parents who are looking for healthy foods to feed your family, I love Nature's Path organic choices. Nature's Path makes an outstanding organic line of food that is both delicious and nutritious. I personally love their Optimum Strawberry and Yogurt cereal. It contains an excellent source of Omega-3 with Psyllium (great source of fiber) and fills you up while giving your body energy. Another favorite cereal is the new gluten free crunchy maple Sunrise. My daughter prefers Crunch Munch with the cute Gorilla on the box. She eats it both with milk and dry. I like packing their EnviroKidz bars for snacks on the run for a convenient treat for my little one. Thank you Nature's Path for making products that are truly healthy for my family. I'm happy they are available at my local grocery stores. There food is competitively priced for an organic choice and doesn't contain the sugar, fillers or junk other brands use. envirokidz.com/

For a quick yummy snack tonight I made a plate decorated with banana slices and dry crunch munch drizzled with honey I purchased from our local Farmer's Market. Little Butterfly munched it right up!

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