My husband and I decided to do a detox, something we should do twice a year; it's been a few years since my last serious one.  I previously detoxed to flush out toxicity and prepare my body for getting pregnant.  It worked on the first try!  We started our current detox with a fresh coconut, cut off the top, popped a straw in and drink... delicious!  Next we drank 32 oz each of sea salt without iodine, yikes.  Now we're drinking fresh raw cane juice (purchased at our local farmers market today) mixed with fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and cloves.  Here is the link  We were planning on only doing this for today as a one day fast but may continue longer.  The results are pretty immediate to say the least!  Feeling a little calm already from lack of food but our bodies will appreciate a flush.   Never did this kind before, the juice is surprisingly  quite tasty.


  1. Good for you! How do you drink sea salt???? EEK!

  2. Drinking sea salt isn't that bad, but what happens in an hour or two after is a little amazing!

  3. Hello,
    I am quite fond of your blog. Would you be willing to write about different detoxes. I am on a budget, but would love to do a cleanse. Thanks!
    Erin D.

  4. RICOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!