Tasty Tomato Sauce

This delicious homemade sauce is for those open to creative cooking. It is yummy with pasta and also outrageously scrumptious with fresh bread as a dipping sauce. A nice bottle of good red wine really compliments the taste.


1.) Tomato Puree (You may either make your own in the blender with fresh tomatoes and water until you have a fine pure or use cans if you’re short on time)
2.) Fresh Garlic
3.) Olive Oil
4.) Fresh Basil
5.) Cinnamon
6.) Salt
7.) Sugar
8.) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
9.) Onion Powder
10.) Fresh Ground Pepper
11.) Chile Powder

Sauté fresh Garlic in a sauce pan with olive oil until golden brown. Slowly pour in Tomato Puree and simmer. Add the rest of the ingredients to taste, a few pinches here and there. As you cook the sauce will decrease but flavor will be outstanding. This sauce freezes well; I usually make a large batch and freeze some portions to have on hand for a quick easy meal. Please feel free to comment if you try this and share secret ingredients that you may add to enhance flavor.

Note: If you don’t have fresh garlic or olive oil on hand start from the puree and add garlic powder or Adobo spice. Bon Appétit’


  1. Yummmmy...will definitely try this with bread.

  2. Mmmmm...sounds and looks great!