Homemade Croutons...

If you're ready for a delicious salad and realize you're out of croutons, here's a great recipe...

Take any bread, I used left over French bread. Cut into pieces.

In a bowl, make your seasoning. You can combine butter and Italian or Caesar salad dressing.

Since I only had creamy Caesar on hand, I made my own. Combined melted butter with olive oil, wine vinegar, fresh squeezed lemon, Parmesan and Romano cheese, a dash of onion powder, a sprinkle of garlic powder, a tiny season salt, and mixed all ingredients together in a bowl.

Add the bread pieces and mix lightly.

Bake on 250 for 25 minutes on a cookie tray or lightly broil for crispy croutons! Delicious!


  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will have to try them soon.

  2. Tasty...good way to use up older bread too!