Mom Confessions...

Went shopping for a bathing suit today.  I was not happy to learn I've graduated to a one piece.  Haven't worn a one piece since I was in grade school!  I tried on several bikini's but the tops seemed to fit in X-Small and the bottoms in XXX-L!  It's amazing how I grew and extra ass after having a baby but managed to lose the boobs!  Oye!  I was running around all day doing errands.  When I came home to quickly walk the dogs and check the mail all of the sudden I hear "Jill"!  There driving by in a beautiful BMW convertible was my friend whom I haven't seen in quite some time since he was busy shooting a Feature Film in Europe.  Of course he looked fabulous and I without a stitch of make-up, high and messy pony tail and you know... the typical Mom uniform a complete disaster.  Next thing I know he does a crazy U-turn and pulls up just as my dog Panda begins to take a crap.  So, now I'm smiling, talking to him holding a bag of crap trying to make a lunch date to catch up.  Tonight, a cocktail seems well deserved.  CHEERS!


  1. A cocktail sounds perfect! CHEERS! What a day you have had!!!

  2. Too funny. More of those mom moments to come, years and years of them, I'm afraid! :)