Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Have you ever met someone who's soul was so pure, their LIGHT just seemed a little brighter than everyone else? My Dad is like that. Everywhere he goes, he radiates this brilliant, humble energy that attracts life. People, animals, anything living really is drawn to my Dad because his SPIRIT is honest and full of love. I was blessed to grow up in a very secure and family oriented home. Dad made us feel safe and always took care of us. He works hard but always has more to give and made time to nurture his wife of 35 years now and four children in ways that made us feel special. Dad played the guitar for us and made up songs with our names; music is a big part of our family. Dad taught me respect and love for animals.
He is always available for a heart-to-heart and gives honest feedback. He did not enable but gave us confidence through his patient guidance. He believes in all of us even when we're not sure how to believe in ourselves. He is the absolute ROCK of our family. Dad is quick with humor and has a fresh supply of jokes up his sleeve at any given moment. My Dad is beyond strong and yet he can also be one of the most gentle and sensitive people I know. I rely on him in times when I need an honest perspective, someone who will be real, optimistic and non-judgmental. He always makes me think and challenges me to live my life to my fullest potential. He leads by example.
Dad has an incredible yet simple faith, he's been a big influence on my own spirituality and appreciation for nature. I bet if you met 50 people whom all know my Dad, they'd all say he's their best friend. He just has this gift of really being present and offers genuine compassion. He is the Grandpa of 3 little girls; including Butterfly. Grandpa is fun and positively full of life. Today is my Dad's birthday and I feel so lucky to be able to honor and celebrate his life for it is one I certainly have always and will forever look up to. Happy Birthday Dad! Wishing you abundance of continued health, love, peace and joy. May all your dreams that you deserve manifest now. Cheers!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mike! You are the coolest friend's parent I have ever met :) I will never forget how kind you were (and are) when ever I visit your home. I have so many fond memories of all us listening to you play the guitar and sing James Taylor.
    Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. C.!