Happy Mother's Day!

A big shout out to all the Mama's out there!  May your day be blessed with fond reflection, present love and future hope.  And to all the Mother's who have gone before us, thank you for teaching us the ropes.

For my Mom:  Sue Ann Curran

You are truly the most beautiful WOMAN I have ever known and I get the honor and privilege of calling you Mom.  You're OUR best friend, the one who I turn to for advice or encouragement.  You're the one who knows what I need sometimes before I do.  You figured out how to tame my drama. You DON'T know what it's like to be selfish.  

A few days after you turned 21, I made you a Mother for the first time.  I was watching you and Dad from the sparkle energy field and picked YOU out of all the possible choices to be my Mom.  I knew you were the best for me.  

You nursed us and stayed at home and always knew what we were up to.  You played with us and fostered our passions by making sure we had access to our individual interests.  You made the best playhouses out of raked leaves or shoveled snow.  You sewed special matching Mommy & Me dresses.  

You made amazing homemade breakfast, lunch and every night  made sure we were all present together to bond during the balanced super you prepared.  You refused to buy us sugared cereals... (unless of course we were camping).  You taught me how to make chocolate chip cookies and brownies from scratch!

You made sure we grew in FAITH of a Higher Power and didn't judge or get caught up if it wasn't exactly the same religion we were raised with.  (What, Tarot cards are totally spiritual!)    You shared your secrets of high self esteem by showing us how to be confident, grateful, compassionate, humanitarian, and conscientious of others.  

You broadened our horizons by inviting other children from different cultures to live with us for summers or a school year and form a big happy family.  You volunteered at church, school, and any activity we were involved in.  You taught us about community service through your PTA, American Red Cross and EMT roles.  You showed us how to be kind to the elderly by bringing us to old (and I mean OLD) friends homes for visits and chores.  (Remember when we painted Don's house for him???)  You brought us to the nursing home or hospital to cheer up someone's day. 

 You helped us write thank you notes.  You made a pretend birthday party for my cabbage patch kid after my third sibling was born.  You even sewed clothes and gave me one of Jennie's diapers for the doll; and made a cake!  Your voice is comforting to me, I remember hearing you sing in weddings and to your children.  

You were super woman when I had my spinal surgeries.  I'll never comprehend how you managed to juggle four kids and keep sane while constantly being there to take care of me in the hospital.  You're organization skills and ability to multi-task are super human.  You've taught us that attitude and perception are something we should learn to program positively. You taught us to take responsibility for ourselves.  You demonstrated that failures are actually learning opportunities and took our fear out of trying something new.  You were firm when it came to lessons because you saw and nurtured our potentials.  

Ahh, just remembering the poem you wrote and read to my 8th grade graduating class.  And the speech you wrote (oops, helped) by underlining important points to stress when I became class President.  (Remember the rehearsals in the kitchen?)  

You SURVIVED my TEEN years! (yikes)

You always seem to have so much youthful energy.  You're easy to crack up and your laugh is contagious!!!  You are the most giving and empathetic soul.  You showed us that loving relationships are sacred but take work.  Happy 36 year Anniversary, May 4th!  You are hot, fun, stylish and pretty, all my friends always thought so too.   

You recognize that you were our tour guide in life and don't own us.  You knew just when to let go as we grew up and shift from Mom to Friend (in some cases back to Mom depending on the situation).  You've always lead through your example and showed us how to be independent and still be a lady.  You always wear a smile on your face and have an open spirit with tremendous personality.  

Once we were grown, you went back to work and succeeded beyond anyone's expectation in your career.  You "retired" showing us a strong work ethic and personal victory is possibly regardless of when you start.  Priorities!  And now you are a great inspiration owning your own business where your work is your play!  www.SouthwoodsRVResort.com  

You rearranged your flight plans last minute, flew out with NO sleep for days and were the most awesome coach during my daughter's birth.  You said you wouldn't miss it for the world.  You even cut her umbilical cord!  You taught me how to nurse my babe and took care of me while I learned how to be a new Mommy.  You were the first human to teach us UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  

Mom, wish I could be there to give you a big hug and share some outrageous laughs about stuff only we think is hysterical (the spicy dip).  You are my role model and have taught me how to be a Mommy.  We are blessed! Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!  I love you more than chocolate!!!

Me, Sister Jamie, Mom, Sister Jennie, Brother Jeff and Butterfly Girl...

 Mom and I seconds before leaving for the hospital to give birth...

Mom and newborn Butterfly...

Found my purpose in life... so this is BLISS!!!

Isn't my Mommy pretty!!!!...

My beautiful MIL Yolanda and baby...

My Mom and Butterfly...

Butterfly Baby

My other very young and cool MIL, Susan with Butterfly and her cousin...

Yolanda and Butterfly

Butterfly, Me, Adrian

Adrian, Me, Mom, Dad, Stanley (dog) and Butterfly

Friend Susan, me, Mom and BFF's Mom (my extra Mom)

My Gorgeous Grandma!

Took this picture today on our walk...

The Girl who gave me the name Mom...


  1. What a beautiful Mother's Day Gift! Of course, tears are streaming down my face as I'm reading your thoughtful letter/tribute. And.. I'm wearing those same stupid moons and stars p.j.s right now. The photos are great. You have the Curran memory; now I'm glad I did all those things, you remember them. Would love to have this in print; is it possible with the photos? I am blessed to have YOU, my first born daughter and your wonderful siblings. The most meaningful job I will ever have is as Mother. I love you too. XXXOOO

  2. Wow, lady what a beautiful post. Your mom has been an inspiration to me as well. She is one of the great Mom's in this world, along with my mom :) We are both so very lucky and blessed.
    Happy Mother's Day Butterfly Mom & Sue!