Fun Nature Project Tutorial

Butterfly Girl loves doing crafty projects.  This one worked well on many levels: 

1.)  Family walks together make great bonding time.
2.)  Nature is full of color and textures with learning opportunities.
3.)  You can use whatever you find or have to make project.
4.)  Child is filled with pride as everyone gathers for meals to admire their ART!

(Note:  Adrian shook the items out to make sure we weren't bringing in little bug friends.  Just in case I sprayed them heavily with homemade essential oil Citronella Java)

After a nice walk of collecting Nature's treasures, Artist lays out the goods...

Next, arrange artistically

Spread some modge podge on an upside down bottled water box

Hold piece of scrap fabric over center for 5 seconds

Arrange leaves and glue in place.  Stack heavy items encourage drying flat.

Voila, gorgeous nature inspired centerpiece.

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