Happy Saturday!

Little Bear and Butterfly Girl

This morning my daughter has a friend over (we'll call him Little Bear) and our home is filled with giggles and squeals! They kiddos are 5 days apart and have been close buddies since they were born. His Mommy and I would meet for pregnancy craving delights and laugh our hormones away. I remember the pre-kid days when we fussed over our doggie children together and now the small humans are 3 years old already. Time certainly flies. The kids are so cute my cheeks hurt from grinning at them. I'm off to make their lunches, then the doggie lunches and get ready for a fashion show photo shoot this afternoon. I'm so lucky to have an awesome husband who helps me be a S.A.H.M (stay at home Mom) and still have the freedom to express my own creativity through my work. Adrian will be on his own with 2 three year olds and two dogs for a few hours today. Tonight, we'll all make dinner together and watch a movie. Ahhh, don't you just love Saturdays? Hope yours is amazing too.


  1. Little Bear and Butterfly Girl are getting so big. It's nice that they have each other to grow up with and the moms and dads too. Can't wait to spend time with all of you next winter. Love, Gram & Gramps

  2. I want to squeeze them! Wow, seeing these pics makes me miss you guys even more, JH would love to hang out with Butterfly Girl and Little Bear, hey, JH needs a better nickname.
    Care to help me??
    PS- creative call tonight???????