Snack obsession

I am totally enjoying EnviroKidz Organic Bars and Waffles.  Just finished a Crispy Rice Berry Blast bar.  Of course I purchased them for my daughter but end up snacking on the same things she eats.  They are gluten free with 0g trans fat which is another bonus.  We eat homemade delights such as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or pies, brownies and cakes.  For store bought snacks on the go I try to be picky about junk in ingredients.  These yummy snacks pass this Mom's test and 1% of all sales go to protect wild animals, love it!  envirokidz.com/

Another store purchased snack fave...  Newman's Own Organic, gluten free Fig Newman's.  Love anything I've tried from this man.  And of course we all know how fabulous Paul Newman was about children, pets and charity.  http://www.newmansownorganics.com/

Both brands are great quick snacks for the car, plane or park trip or when you don't feel like baking something delicious yourself.  

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  1. Which waffles do you get? We like the vanilla cookies by envirokids for a special snack.