Toddler Moms must check these out...

I, like most parents like to give my child the freedom to run around and explore this beautiful Universe.  However, I do realize how precious my toddler is and that she can slip away in an instant.  I try to be sensible without teaching her to be fearful of her surroundings.  Sometimes a toddler can be distracted and I've been trying to find a way to keep her protected and safe without going totally insane and projecting fear, etc.  Look what I just discovered... http://www.BABYZONTHERUN.com/  I am going to order some for our shopping trips... those moments that I am really concentrating on which item to purchase and not paying 100% attention to where my child is.  My little one does not enjoy being strapped in a grocery cart.  I love that they are completely functional, fashionable and subtle.  It's more like an accessory than an actual toddler harness and oh so cute!  They would also be very practical for traveling in airports or even going to our zoo.  What a brilliant Mom to come up with such an outstanding idea.  I love supporting fellow Moms and this is one item that will give me piece of mind.  

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  1. that is a cool idea...oh and I love your blog, you are a great writer!