Saturday Cleaning Day...

Oye, I'm really not in the mood to do much today but am having nagging thoughts to get my booty in gear.  My to-do list is growing and we're leaving for upstate NY in 3 days!  I keep getting distracted, started the bathroom; did a baking soda scrub on the tub.  Then, played with little Butterfly Girl.  Okay, publicly confessing my lazy mood is somehow motivating me.  Here are a few things to tackle before we leave:

Charge battery for photo shoot tonight

Laundry (5 loads)  Yikes!

Find secret "something borrowed or something old" gift for sister's wedding

Clean fridge out

Thoroughly clean kitchen, unload dishwasher



Sort through Butterfly's clothes, make donation pile

Find weights and work out (develop gorgeous arms by next weekend)  Ha!

Exercise Dogs

Pack for trip

Finish scarf for etsy shop 

Finish book by Dr. Wayne Dyer  (LOVE HIM)

Wrap secret homemade gift for sister's honeymoon

Etc. and so on and so forth and...
gotta get moving.  Thanks for the energy booster!


  1. Good luck with your list! Can I borrow your Wayne Dyer book?
    Can't wait for your arrival to good ole upstate ny!

  2. Congrats! You won the printed stretched canvas from A Pocket Full Of Buttons & Online Poster Printing Giveaway!! I will be emailing soon :)