CONTEST... Name that line

I am so excited about launching my new scarf line on etsy.com

I have been working on a super soft and cozy collection that would go well with the popular
Uug boots. This line is acrylic for the sensitive types and available in almost all bright colors in unique patterns. They are each beautifully custom designed and made with love.

I'm also working on a few other lines with wool (more
rugged) and cashmere (delicate, soft), silk blends (sleek) etc. Have some sewn items to add to my new store as well. Look for contests in these categories next month on my blog.

So, I need YOUR creativity and inspiration
coming up with a name for my scarf line.

To enter in the contest, leave a comment with your best idea for a fabulous name for my scarf collection pictured above. Put your creative thinking caps on, the 1st prize winner who inspires the most will receive a
hand knit scarf from the collection in the color of your choice. The 2nd and 3rd prize winners will receive $5.00 off my etsy store. Feel free to share this contest with your friends. Also, please remember to leave your email for me to contact you if you win. I will introduce the collection on etsy.com July 1st so the contest will end June 30th. You may enter multiple suggestions. Thanks for your help and participation, I can't wait to read your thoughts. Blessings!


  1. What a beautiful line. How about something with the United States? Name each scarf after a state? I hope to win the bright blue one. Lovely work, can't wait to see you on etsy. Meredith

  2. You could call it Papillon, which is butterfly in French. Then the colors could be types of butterflies, like painted lady or monarch. http://www.amazingbutterflystore.com/pages/guide.html

  3. What about delicious desserts? Like creme brulee, blueberry buckle, raspberry gelato, key lime pie.
    Love your blog!

  4. Cool ideas so far....what about song & movie names?

  5. Oh and I am doing a giveaway later this week too, I posted about yours today!

  6. Flutter. Butterfly kisses. Flitter.

    Ok, those are my dieas for now.

  7. Thanks for some great ideas. If you've participated in helping me name my scarf line and would like to order a handmade knit scarf from my etsy store, please email me and I'll give you a one time credit of 50% off. :)