Where did my baby grow?

Introducing Butterfly... where did the time go? It seems like just the other day I was clutching her tiny swaddled body close to my heart just after giving birth. I thought Butterfly was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and didn't want to put her down in the hospital crib since I couldn't feel her there. Even though she had a fancy alarm device on her ankle to alert if someone tried to take her; it was too loose and I didn't trust it would stay on. I couldn't wait to get out of there and back home where my husband and parents could take care of her so I could relax.

It was love at first sight, actually it started a month before we conceived. I kept having dreams that I was talking to an infant who was sitting in a baby seat on a table. This newborn could talk which didn't seem strange in my dream and would visit me each night. The next month we decided to try and became pregnant with Butterfly. My Doctor suggested I think of alternative ways to have children since I've had 4 previous teenage spinal fusions to correct Scoliosis. They didn't want the rods to break loose, etc. But, I'd been a fan of acupuncture, yoga, and led a very active life. We do plan to adopt one day as it has always been a dream of mine. I did want to experience at least one pregnancy. Ended up having one of the easiest pregnancies ever! I worked out daily and was able to do a fast walk on the treadmill up until the day before giving birth. I loved the prenatal Zen Mama Yoga DVD and also used the Hypno-Birthing book and CD's. Butterfly was meant to come to us and I am forever grateful she did!

It feels like just the other day she was cooing next to us during the night. I can picture the look of amazement in her eyes as she discovered her hands and fingers and how empowering it was for her to be able to actually move them herself!

I miss breastfeeding... well maybe not that much, but the bonding time was so special. When she learned to roll-over and sit-up. She crawled for the first time on Christmas day and walked a few months later. She was potty-trained about two months ago and that was a breeze. I'll post tips on that another time. Now she "trains" the dogs, nurtures her dolls, cooks us pretend meals, climbs up into her high chair on her own and buckles herself in. Butterfly loves to sing and has a rather large repuitare of songs that she knows. She sure is showing a lot of independence.

Tonight, watching her, I can't help getting emotional reflective, (I have PMS), but I never believed people when they said time flew until I became a Mommy. Now I have a toddler who is extremely smart! She is a little over two years old and talking up a storm. She is a mini-person/ friend and the stuff she comes up with cracks me up! I walk around in shock that she is so quick and already shows a dry sense of humor. She loves to do funny facial expressions and her imagination is quite active. I feel mesmerized and often in awe. I am so lucky to have such a sweet Butterfly. She teaches me to live in the moment, I guess that's why I didn't catch her growing so fast; she makes me be present in my life. Feeling grateful!


  1. I totally get your sentiments! It goes so fast...Butterfly is such a beauty!

  2. This makes me super excited to have a baby...not a furry 4 legged baby but a REAL one. For now, the pups will do just fine! :)