Tuesday Ms. B...

Tuesday is library day for us. The "teacher" Ms. B offers a FREE adorable class for infants and toddlers Mommy & Me. We have been to other places like B&N and Borders but this class is the best! Everyone sits in a circle in a special new room attached to the library. We sing the same songs each week and wake-up our bodies with little stretching exercises and dancing. Then the teacher claps and the Mom's copy her clap and everyone sits down criss-cross applesauce and we begin to listen to the interactive story. Usually she reads three books with song/dance in between. She gives parents ideas of getting children to appreciate reading. It's great and Butterfly asks everyday if it's Ms. B Tuesday? She loves the interaction and went from sitting on my lap to now dancing with the other children. At the end, each baby/kid gets a sticker and who can resist a totally cool sticker? Great little social outing that either Dad or myself; sometimes the whole family enjoys doing together. We're looking forward to next week when Hap Palmer http://www.happalmer.com/ will be the special guest!!!


  1. How fun! We are going to do a class like this in Aug. I can't wait!


  2. That is a great idea. It brings me back to when I was a kid and went to these kinds of events with my mom...I'm sure Butterfly will cherish these moments even when she's all grown up!