My Dog Tore His Toe Off!!!!

My 7 year old Yellow Lab, Stanley is completely tennis ball obsessed! While fetching the ball in the park, he accidentally landed wrong and broke his toe right off. It was literally hanging by a thread, the nail complete with quick hanging there bleeding all over. We immediately brought him home and rinsed it with Iodine and pressed gauze to stop the bleeding. I called our Vet who described a painful solution that I could not do... The vet wanted to admit Stanley for a few days and amputate part of his paw. Now Stanley is a very attached doggie who is extremely comfortable with us but shows separation anxiety. I asked what would happen if we did not do this procedure and the vet said most likely his complete nail severed at the last knuckle would fall off on it's own in a couple days.

The reason they would amputate it would be to reduce the risk of infection. I felt completely helpless and scared but didn't want to stress our sweet boy. I decided to try to heal him on my own. After completely cleaning the paw, I poured Organic Castor Oil all over his paw and wrapped with gauze. When taking him out I also covered his foot with a sock. We changed the bandage several times the first few days. Castor Oil has an amazing healing power of drawing out infection up to four inches deep.

To be sure the foot was cleansed properly I added a few drops of Essential Eucalyptus Oil to water and swished his foot each time we came inside and repeated the Castor Oil pack once his foot was dry. I did this for the first few days and then switched to Essential Tea Tree Oil baths. Both Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils are a natural antiseptic and have an awesome anti-infection healing power.

I began giving Stanley several teaspoons of Colloidal Silver 4 times a day and also put some drops directly in the hole where his bone used to be. Two days later the entire piece pulled off gently, Stanley was such a tolerant patient to allow me to do this. I continued to give him his daily fish oil supplements since the omega 3's are lacking in a typical commercial dog food diet. The first week I was completely paranoid as his foot was swollen and red about the size of a tennis ball, not a funny irony. But after week one I noticed it began to heal rapidly!

I stopped wrapping his paw in gauze and did Epsom Salt soaks and ice soaks about 20 minutes each a few times a day. Continued with the essential oils. I obsessively checked his paw for infection actually smelling it very close, it always smelled fresh like the tea tree oil! The vet said Stanley would not be able to bare weight at all on his paw for at least 6 weeks. He was severely limping for one week and then started putting a little pressure. We put covered his paw with a sock each time he had to go out until the scab was filled in enough.

It has not even been 4 weeks yet since the accident and he is completely healed! Stanley is back running around, minus a toe, fetching his tennis ball and playing with our 6 month old Great Pyrenees Mountain-Border mix, Panda! I have always been a fan of alternative medicine and am so happy that we didn't go through with the surgery and toxic medicine they would have used to treat him. Stanley is a healthy and very happy dog and we are thrilled with his rapid miraculous recovery. We do have a tremendous Vet who knew of our alternative medicine treatment and supported our decision and also took my initial calls with great care. If something like this happens to you I recommend doing lots of research but wanted to share how fabulous natural medicine can be in the right circumstances.

It is important to always keep your dogs nails trimmed so these accidents can hopefully be avoided. Stanley actually enjoys his pedicure since he is conditioned to recieving a delightful treat after.

I contacted the company Organic Infusions (whom I order my Essential Oils from) Organic Infusions and told them my story. They were so wonderful, they are willing to offer $10 off any order in the United States and Canada to my blog friends if you type in the coupon code: butterfly
How awesome is that? If you are internationally interested in ordering you can still do so but have to call in the order. I will post many uses for Essential Oils in the future since I use them daily. Blessings!

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